“The best doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what is the matter -
he's got to just know.”  -Will Rogers








Veterinary dentistry and all that this field involves, is still an enigma to both vets and pet owners alike.



Domestic animals commonly suffer from dental and or gum disease, but because it's not perceived as a "real" problem, many pets suffer at home with terrible tooth ache.


Our aim is to ensure that all veterinary staff and the general public are made aware that veterinary dentistry is real.  The ability to detect and treat early signs of dental problems does exist. With the right training and information this can result in a far happier life not only for the animal, but also the owner as well as the veterinarian.



Differences between a human and an animal?


The main difference between human and animal dentistry lies in the fact that even the most minor procedure almost surely will require general anesthesia.


Furthermore, veterinary patients vary greatly in the shape, size and how they use their teeth.


It is important that the vet understands each species' unique differences before even attempting to treat them.



Creating awareness:


Dr Steenkamp aims to share his knowledge with is peers by regularly making articles available online. He also does a lot of work to improve the lives of so many animals world wide and these too can be followed by reading our regular news articles as we update.


There is so much happening in the field of Veterinary Dentistry of which no one is even aware.


We will endeavor to keep the news articles and photographs updated on a regular basis, so there should always be something fresh and new for everyone to enjoy. 



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