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We are very VERY pleased to advise that FINALLY we have all our past Dental Columns / Vetnews articles online!!

We also, as I am sure you have noticed, attained a Search Bar and should there be anything you require, please make use of this tool to facilitate your find.

All the articles are currently listed by procedure, they will ultimately end up in a catagory, so please bear with us as we update our service to suite you better.

All reasearch / training and reference material we make openly available to all veterinary practitioners and their staff to enhance knowledge, technique and offer insight into some of the more difficult cases that could come into a surgery.

At no stage may any part of the article, images from, column or publication be used in any way or manner other than for self-improvement as mentioned above; unless otherwise stated, without receiving written permission from the office of Vetdent and or Dr Gerhard Steenkamp.



  1. A Tooth of Many Colours
  2. Abnormal Teeth
  3. Air Pressure And How It Affects The Fast Handpiece
  4. Bilaterally Swollen Maxillae And Mandibulae
  5. Buccal Lymph Nodes
  6. Carnassial Slab Fracture
  7. Cervical Mucocoele
  8. Complicated Crown Fracture
  9. Crown Placement For Canines
  10. Dental Problem - Exotic Animal
  11. Fractured Tooth
  12. Extravasation Cyst
  13. Enamel Hypoplasia
  14. Elodontoma - Exotic Animal
  15. Fractured Caudal Mandible
  16. Forl In Cats
  17. Immature Hinged Back - Exotic Animals
  18. Rhino Survives Poaching - Wildlife
  19. Oral Health For Your Pet
  20. TMJ Diagnostics
  21. TMJ Reduction (Luxation Of The Left Condyle)
  22. TMJ Luxating (Bleeding Alveolus)
  23. Straight handpiece 1:1 Explained
  24. Osteomyelitis / Abscess or Radicular / Periapical cyst
  25. Retained Deciduous Teeth
  26. Periodontal Disease Tooth Elongation
  27. Root Remnants
  28. Resorptive Lesions
  29. Periapikale Patologie
  30. Caries In Dogs
  31. Polishing After Scaling
  32. Why Does My Pets Mouth Smell Bad?
  33. Tooth Elongation
  34. Halitosis In Dogs
  35. Tooth Luxation / Avulsion
  36. Ulcerative Stomatitis
  37. Abrasion
  38. Hair On Dogs Tongue
  39. TMJ Ankylosis
  40. PM2 Hook
  41. Craniomandibular Osteopathy
  42. Wildlife - Canine Absess
  43. Acanthomatous Epulis
  44. Hyperdontia (Supernumerary Tooth)
  45. Tape Muzzle Usage For Jaw Fracture
  46. Complications Of Tape Muzzles
  47. Epulis
  48. Furcation Defect
  49. Periodontal Pocket
  50. Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  51. Gingival Hyperplasia / Overgrowth
  52. Pulp Exposure
  53. Enamel Cracks - Abfraction
  54. Fast Handpiece - Air Driven vs Electric Motor
  55. Ranula
  56. Perioral Radiographic Anatomy
  57. Skeletal Malocclusion
  58. Dentigerous Cyst
  59. Gemination
  60. Hyperdontia (Afrikaans)
  61. Mandibular Trauma