Our Offer To Vets & Their Staff

Veterinary dentistry is a field of veterinary science that is both very challenging and highly rewarding.



Continuous Education:

Access to the the most recently published Dental Column as and when it is published.

Continuous education is an area that Dr Steenkamp and the team are very passionate about.

Dr Steenkamp fully understands that most veterinary curricula are deficient when it comes to dentistry and related procedures thus we endeavour to promoted continous learning on a regular basis and aim to publish articles and newsletters at are relevant and pertinent to each vet.

We have an open door policy" with all our vets and their supporting staff to please contact us with areas / procedures or technicques they require further information on or ways to manage a specific problem. We aim to address these timeously, thus not only growing our database of reference literature but addressing current relevant issues.

Clinical procedures have also been selected to assist you in understanding many of the conditions we see in animals or procedures we may have to perform.

The topics listed as taken from the American Veterinary Dental Society, who by far are the largest society / association of professionals working in the field of veterinary dentistry in the world.



Dr Steenkamp’s curriculum vitae shows that he has taught at numerous institutions since 1996. You will also note that he takes continuous personal professional development very seriously as it is just as important for him to stay abreast of new technology / methodology and procedures as it is to pass this information on to his peers.

With this in mind, Dr Steenkamp gladly lectures at local / international conference.

Should there be a group of veterinarians with a specific need or topic in which he is able to share of his vast knowledge he will gladly prepare for this. Again at these very same conferences he too makes a point to attend lectures by his peers so that he can take on their thoughts and knowledge to enhance his own.

Dr Steenkamp and his team are also available to assist with requests for onsite training with vets or nurses.

We are in the process of catagorising our articles and training material and with your input and suggestions and requests, we look forward to have a comprehensive Research Library available for everyone in the Veterinary field to refer to when in doubt.