Dr Gerhard Steenkamp


BSc, BVSc, MSc, PhD
Member of the Royal College of Veterinarians

Short Biosketch Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp

Gerhard qualified as a veterinarian from Onderstepoort in 1994.  He then pursued his special interest in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery in the UK, where he attended the inaugural course in Veterinary Dentistry at the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies.

On his return to South Africa in 1998, Gerhard joined the Veterinary faculty at Onderstepoort and also consulted and treated referral cases from the Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital and the Cape Animal Medical Centre. 

His clinical practice has grown and he currently consults referrals from all over South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe Gerhard is an active researcher and his areas of interest relates to dentistry and especially pathology of the maxillofacial complex of wildlife, but also small animals. 

His passion for wildlife and zoology has resulted in his national and international involvement in various conservational programs relating to rhino and cheetah with active participation in school projects amongst others.  He completed his MSc cum laude on the Clinically relevant morphometrics in African elephants in 2008, has authored and co-authored in excess of of 20 peer reviewed publications and have presented papers on his areas of interest at more than 30 International conferences over the last 15 years. 

He is currently busy with his PhD on the skeletal development of cheetahs and the supervisor of several post-graduate research projects. His current research efforts also include dealing with prognostication and treatment of rhino’s surviving a poaching event. 

In South Africa, Gerhard, a past president of the Veterinary Association is well known for his contributions to the SAVA congresses as well as regional meetings.

Gerhard is married to Sonja, an oral pathologist, and they have 2 children.

Curriculum Vitae:

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