2015-12-28 forums.studentdoctor.net Can a DMD become a Vetinarian Dentist?
 2015-12-27 viralspell.com  Her Name is Hope and She Survived 
2015-12-24 ivsa2016.co.za Onderstepoort
2015-12-02 fightforrhinos.com Thandi: Life of a Survivor
2015-12-01 sava.co.za  Treatment of rhinoceros which have been poached using opioids and are found recumbent
2015-11-25  hicsa-healthlibraries  HICSA : Saving the survivors : Surgical treatment of Rhinos after losing their horns to poachers 
2015-11-07  okonjima.com  Cat's Whisper October 2015  
2015-11-05 Instagram  Shannon Elizabeth 
2015-11-01  Shannon Elizabeth   How the donation funds were distributed & more...



Un zoologiste soigne un lion blanc et le remet en liberté, mais il ne s'attendait pas à ça ! 


Saving The Survivors

Art for a cause



Hibiscus Veterinary Hospitals - Dental Information



Hi-tech approach to rhino poachers 

2015-10-08 JBay Meeting Thandi ( The African word for Love) 


Africat.org website

The Africat Story


Fight For Rhinos

Fight for Rhinos

2015-09-23 Instidy.com @adriantordiffe


Veni Vici Safety

Record numbers of Rhino dead from poaching in South Africa 


Hoedspruit Herald

Rhino rehab opens

2015-09-10 Facebook.com Wild Thring Media - Facebook
2015-09-07  ISSUU.com Steenkamp saves our "survivors" page 6 
2015-08-28 Pilansberg Website Ikanyega - Follow up treatment
2015-08-27 The Little Guru Website The Little Guru - Saving the Survivors
2015-08-25 Leadership20/20 Bridget Edwards MediaKit 
2015-08-22 IOL.co.za New skin gives hope to injured rhino 
2015-08-21 Piepvandaag.nl Neushoorn Hope krijgt nieuwe snuit dankzij olifant 
2015-08-21 Netwerk24 Olifantvel kan Hope dalk help 
2015-08-21 Dr Will Fowlds - Days as a Wildlife Vet

Hope's sixth procedure

2015-08-21 Facebook Saving The Survivors Hope Update from Saving the Survivors 
2015-08-20 Bonne de Bod Hope for Poached Rhino Called Hope 
2015-08-18 Dailymail.co.uk iThemba the rhino whose horn was hacked off by barbaric poachers is patched up in an extraordinary operation using the skin of a dead elephant 
2015-08-17 Heraldlive.co.za Elephant skin may save injured rhinos 
2015-08-17 Timeslive.co.za Elephant skin may save rhino 
2015-08-16 Clapway.com NGO Saving the Survivors Treats Mutilated Rhino with Elephant Skin Graft
2015-08-15 Pressreader.com Renoster se gespalkte poot "1st ooi n SA"
2015-08-14 Insight.co.kr 밀렵꾼에게 ‘뿔’ 잘리고 기적적으로 생존한 코뿔소 (사진)
2015-08-13 Netwerk24 Witrenoster met gespalkte poot ‘ ’n eerste in SA’ 
2015-08-10 The Africat Foundation The AfriCat 2015 Annual Health Check 
2015-08-08 OP News Online Faculty research promotes environmental stewardship 
2015-08-08 Change.org Petition Save the Survivors - Assist Survivors of Rhino poaching 
2015-08-08 BangaNet Animal Dentist (19 photos) 
2015-08-03 News24 Joy at rescue kitty's cancer operation success 
2015-08-02 change.org Save the Survivors - Assist Survivors of Rhino poaching - Petition
 2015-08-01 Pilansberg Website Rhino poached in the Pilansberg - Alive and Well
2015-07-27 Press Reader New hope for savaged Hope
2015-07-25 Rooting for Rhino Rooting for Rhino
2015-07-22 JBayNews.com Meeting Thandi ( The African word for Love)
2015-07-10 Repubblica Italy I nuovi denti di Aslan: l'ultima sfida dell'uomo che sussurrava ai leoni 
2015-07-10 Arizona Public Media Operation Wild: Episode 3
2015-07-01 Rocky Mountain Entodontics Lessons from a Lion’s Root Canal
2015-07-01 News24 Rescue kitty's family turns to renowned wildlife vet
2015-06-29 KPBS Operation Wild
2015-06-28 Kyknet DStv video Robinson: Renosterstropery 
2015-06-28 Kyknet DStv studio Robinson: Renosterstropery
2015-06-24 The My Hero Project South African veterinarians intervene to save hope the rhino
2015-06-15 Zoorprendente Rinoceronte sobrevive después de ser Torturada para conseguir sus cuernos ¿Quién puede hacer esto?
2015-06-10 South China Morning Post Saving Hope: Extraordinary effort to save rhino whose horns and face were hacked off
2015-06-10 Fight For Rhino's Survivors
2015-06-10 Netwerk 24 Trane toe Hope tweede plaat kry
2015-06-09 Naples Herald South African medics make big effort to save Hope the rhino
2015-06-09 Wildreness Foundation Hope – white rhino poaching survivor makes it through third vital procedure
2015-06-09 News 24 Vet moved to tears by rhino Hope's suffering
2015-06-09  Yahoo! News South African veterinarians intervene to save Hope the rhino
2015-06-09 Wildact Vietnam Hope - white rhino survivor made it through the third vital procedure
2015-05-30 Earthwise Aware The Fight for Saving Hope…
2015-05-26 CNN Hit New Hope, rhinoceros horns hunters left without
2015-05-26 Brent Lindeque Cyborg Rhinos Could Terminate Poachers
2015-05-26 Portland Press Herald A rhino called Hope: Rescuers hope rhinoceros can heal after severe attack
2015-05-26 Mail Online UK South African rhino named Hope after surviving horrific attack by poachers who left her with a 20-inch wound after hacking her horns off
2015-05-26 Dagbladet Nyheter Vansiret av krypskyttere - nå er Hope (4) operert 
2015-05-26 International Business Times Rhino Saved From Poachers Receives Help From Vets 
2015-05-26 Hawaii Tribune Herald S. African rhino survives horrific attack by poachers
2015-05-26 Idexx.com Hope in the Battle Against Rhino Poaching 
2015-05-26 Huffington Post Canada Young Rhino Named Hope Survives Brutal Attack After Being Left For Dead
2015-05-26 Viral Spell Poachers Hacked This Rhino’s Horns And Left Her For Dead. She Survived And Was Named Hope
2015-05-25 Shattering The Matrix Hope, the white rhino
2015-05-25 The Salt Lake Tribun A rhino named Hope survives horrific attack by poachers
2015-05-25 Global News South African vets treat rhino whose horns were cut off by poachers
2015-05-25 The New Age A rhino survives horrific attack by poachers
2015-05-25 NY Daily News South African rhino loses horns in poacher attack, but survives and is healing
2015-05-22 Africa Geographic White rhino survives against all odds
2015-05-12 Monetery California Veterinary Dental Forum 29 October - 01 November - Presenter biographies
2015-04-15 Marklives.com Ad of the Week: Getting a lion’s bite back
2015-04-13 Luerzers Archive Fixodent And Saatchi & Saatchi Italy Help A White Lion Get His Life Back 
2015-04-08 Between 10 and 5 Saving Aslan: The Lion Who Got His Bite Back
2015-04-04 You Repeat

Animal Dentist Interview - Saving Aslan | Fixodent, Kukident, Blend-a-dent 

2015-04-03 Europa Press La historia del león blanco que perdió sus dientes arrasa en la red
2015-04-03 My Lowveld Metal plate comes to the rescue of poaching survivors
2015-04-02 Shots.net Fixodent: Saving Aslan
2015-03-31 Animali e Animali Italy Aslan e la sua storia finita a lieto fine grazie a Kukident
2015-03-31 Vision Times Saving Aslan: The Lion Whisperer Gets His White Lion to the Dentist for Surgery
2015-03-31 TheraBreath Lion feels better after root canals
2015-03-31 Irish Examiner Watch incredible footage of Aslan the lion at the dentist
2015-03-30 Life Gate Hope the rhino survives poachers attack to jack her horns off
2015-03-27 Paris Match.com Aslan, Le Lion Aux Prothèses Dentaires
2015-01-31 Dentonet.pl Dentysta dzikich zwierząt
2015-01-29 Lowvelder Poaching stats just the tip of the horn
2015-01-22 Okomjima, Namibia Cat's Whisper January 2015
2015-01-13 Fight For Rhino's Happy Fathers Day Andalas
2015-01-12 The Dodo Dehorned rhino displays miraculous will to recover
2015-01-12 Fight For Rhino's All eyes on Thandi


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