Sr Michelle Cruywagen

Sr M Cruywagen

Sr Michelle Cruywagen qualified as a Veterinary Nurse and started her career working at the Department of Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort.

A few years later she accepted a position as a Veterinary Nurse with a company that bred and trained patrol and sniffer dogs. This was a very enjoyable time of her life as she was working in the outdoors in nature in the Roodeplaatdam area.
She was then offered a post at the Department of Radiology and having a passion for it; she accepted this post and worked there for six years!

In 2001 Prof. Steenkamp offered her a half day post at VetdentSA (which was running the Dentistry and Maxillofacial surgery service in the Veterinary Academic Hospital) that suited her as she was pregnant. Michelle is still working with Prof. Steenkamp on a full time basis and it has been so much more than she ever thought a Clinic Sister would experience.

Sr Cruywagen is as calm in demeanor as the veterinary team she works with and this truly works well in a clinic where the wheels often could come off, especially with Prof. Steenkamp's hectic schedule!
Radiology, CT scans, anesthesia, patient pre and post operative care, client and referring veterinarian contact are all in a day’s work.

Michelle is married to Gert and they have 1 daughter