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Dr Steenkamp was only the second veterinarian in South Africa to open a referral service related to veterinary dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. He is currently the longest practicing referral service in South Africa, after opening his doors in 1998. This is after he spent 3 years in the United Kingdom where he learnt his trade and spent lots of time working with specialists in the field.

Dr Steenkamp works on animals of all shapes and sizes so whether you have a dog, cat, elephant, cheetah or bat and he will be more than happy to help with any dentistry and maxillofacial surgery related problem these animals may be experiencing. However, please remember that these services are rendered at his practice for domestic animals based in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Offsite calls at farms or zoos are only attended to for wildlife as he understands the challenges involved when transporting and anaesthetising these patients.

The equipment he uses is very portable and he also flies internationally to deal with numerous wildlife cases. (Some interesting articles can be found in our news section).

Please note that Dr Steenkamp’s services are offered only on a referral basis. This means that your local zoo or wildlife veterinarian must refer you and your pet / animal to him for treatment.

A referral form should be completed by your veterinarian and accompany the animal for treatment to enable Dr Steenkamp to know who to report back to or who to contact should it be necessary for him to gain additional relevant medical and clinical information on your pet / animal.

We also have additional documentation that need to be complete, so please, visit the Referal Process. Failure to comply with this procedure may put your pet / animal at risk.