Where We Work & How Far We Travel

Travelling to all these destinations, venues and facilities to treat animals in need and being honoured to meet the special people who care for them, makes what Dr Steenkamp does so worthwhile.

Join Dr Steenkampon his travels around the globe, as you browse through the links below

Last updated 2014-01-11

  • Abu Dhabi’s Wildlife Center is a non-for-profit organization that aims to rescue and rehabilitate various endangered species around the world to ensure their continued survival.
  • The Africat Foundation focuses on the conservation efforts in the heart of beautiful Namibia.
  • Founded by the late Sheikh Zayed, the Father of our nation, Al Ain Zoo is a true family destination, providing entertainment and learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment.
  • The Cheetah Centre was established in 1971, initially as a cheetah breeding project and the Centre has during the past 40 years bred over 800 cheetah cubs.
  • The reserve is 7500 hectare conservancy in the southern Karoo, and home to the big 5 legends of the wilderness - elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino.
  • It took 4 million years of evolution for the cheetah to become the exceptional animal it is today and only 100 years for man to place it on the endangered list.
  • The Elephant Sanctuary started in 1999 & grew from five elephants to a total of twelve African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana).
  • Pedro, a fourth generation hotelier, is a member of the Wildlife Trust. He is passionate about wildlife and is currently involved in a cheetah breeding programme carried out on the Farm Inn’s grounds.
  • The Giza Zoo opened its gates to the public on 1 March 1891
  • You can go on game drives, guided walks and horse rides, or go walking with elephants or lions
  • The Centre focuses on the conservation of rare, vulnerable or endangered animals. Cheetah Conservation is one of their core disciplines.
  • Seeing a Leopard in the wild is perhaps the most wonderful experience one could ever have. Draped over a tree branch or crossing a road. They are arguably the most beautiful of the cat species.
  • The Joburg Zoo covers 81 hectares of land and was founded in 1904, as a piece of land donated to the public for recreational use by the firm of the late Hermann Ekstein.
  • Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa delivers the ultimate experience in African safaris. P
  • The aim of G.V.I. on Karongwe is to investigate the behavioural ecology and impact of large predators within a small, multi-predator system, to ultimately aid with responsible and effective management and conservation.
  • Join the southern-most elephants in the world at Knysna Elephant Park, where you get the rare and exciting opportunity to get close to these gentle giants.
  • Lory Park animal and Owl sanctuary is little haven one would not expect to find in the hustle and bustle between Johannesburg and Pretoria.
  • Come and experience the wonder of the Montecasino Bird Gardens - the only bird park of its kind in Africa and Jo'burg's best kept secret.
  • Mystic Monkeys and Feathers Wild Animal Park hosts one of South Africa’s largest private primate collections featuring 44 species, in addition to a large number of beautiful exotic Birds and Predators such as White Lions, Bengal Tigers and Cheetah.
  • Nestled comfortably at the foothills of the ancient Pilanesberg mountains lies the "Elephant Wallow", a special place in the sun where Man and the African Elephant finds their lives closely intertwined....