2013-01-21 Die Burger Bek af Beakie gehelp met operasie
 2013-02-13 NZG | e-News SA veterinarians travel to Poland to treat elephant with tusk problem
2013-02 NZG | e-News Intrepid African penguin gets new lease on life
2013-04-02 Wild is Life, Grand Zimbabwe - Facebook Bones' Dental Journey to Wellness - Zimbabwe
2013-06 Africat Foundation - Namibia Dental Check Process
2013-06-18 theCHIVE.com A dentist on a mission to travel the world and repair animal teeth
2013-06-14 Mail Online Say awwww! The dentist who travels around the world to fix ANIMALS' teeth... from deadly hippos to an adorable little hedgehog
2013-06 Wildlife Group of the SAVA Article prepared by Dr G Steenkamp: Elephant tusk extraction in Poland
2013-07 Somta World Class Cutting Tools Bull elephant Ninio gets a helping hand from Somta
2013-07 Metalworking News v12.3 July 2013 Bull elephant Ninio gets a helping hand from Somta
2013-08-01 NZG | e-News South African vets succeed in massive elephant tusk extraction after third procedure at Polish zoo
2013-08-11 Rapport Maak groot oop!
2013-08 Go! Travel Magazine SA vets extract elephant tusk
2013-08-02 Times Live SA duo comes out smiling in jumbo op
2013-09 NZG | e-News  Elephant tusk extraction carries a lot of weight for SA vets
2013-10-12 Die Burger Renoster se horing chirurgies verwyder (Rhino's horn surgically removed)
2013-10-12 You Tube Video included in above article. Renoster op Worcester se horing chirurgies verwyder
2013-10-15 HESC Blog Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre - Update on poached "saved" Rhino
2013-11-13 Upcoming Congress Dr Steenkamp is a speaker at the congress with the topic "Experiences in Wildlife Dentistry"
2013-11-13 Saving the Survivors

Dr Steenkamp is part of a project started in 2012 to care and look after rhino that has fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents.

2013-11-16 Witness Online Jumbo-sized dentistry - PMB-based company creates specialised equipment to extract tusk of elephant in Polish zoo
2013-12-07 Kariege Game Reserve Fight for Rhinos - Non profit organisation
2013-12-15 Africa Namibia

Africat Science and Research

2013-12-15 Facebook Kariega Game Reserve Update on Dr Steenkamp's work on Thandi's skin graft surgery on 24 June 2013

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